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Frequently Asked Questions

I have applied for jobs a number of times and I am not getting any responses. Why am I not receiving any replies?

We encourage you to be persistent and follow-up with a telephone call and/or email to the human resources department at the company you applied with; most of the human resources departments are overwhelmed with applicants. Also ensure that you’ve applied to positions that match your skill set and in the application method that the employer is requesting in the job announcement. Often times that is the only way they will acknowledge or accept applicants.

Is there any assistance available for veterans who wish to relocate to North Dakota?

Yes there is. Find more information at the Services for Veteran’s section of the Job Service North Dakota website. 

I am trying to register with Job Service North Dakota’s website. Where can I register?

The registration page for the Job Service North Dakota site can be found here: www.FindJobsND.com.

want to be emailed about potential jobs or opportunities on the Job Service North Dakota Website. How can I sign up for these alerts?

You can follow the Find Jobs on JobsND.com step-by-step guide for further instructions.

I want to find a job in the North Dakota oilfield but I do not know where to start looking. Where can I start looking?

We recommend reading the Oilfield Employment Guide for valuable information about oilfield employment in North Dakota.

Are there any jobs in the oilfield area that do not require prior oilfield experience?

The Bakken Region as a whole is growing and a variety of jobs are available. Please contact Job Service North Dakota location near the area you are looking in for job postings.

I am looking for housing in North Dakota. Where can I find information about housing availability?

You can find some information about housing under Oilfield Resources as well as under Make a Home sections on this website.

I am interested in starting a business in North Dakota. Who should I contact for more information?

Check out the Entrepreneur Resources area of this website for more details. Also, be sure to check out the New Business Registration Page online.

What is the average commute time in North Dakota?

North Dakotans enjoy a 16 minute average travel to work compared to the national average of 25 minutes. However, your commute will vary based on where you are employed and where you live.

How is the climate/weather in North Dakota?

North Dakota experiences all four seasons and has ample activities to enjoy in each. A common misconception is that it always is cold in North Dakota. It comes as a surprise to many that North Dakota actually has a remarkably long temperate season, including beautiful sunny days in June, when the sun rises before 6 a.m. and sets after 9:30 p.m. Below are average temperatures and what to expect from each season.

  • Summer - Perfect for all outdoor activities. The days are warm, sometimes even hot, but nights are cool enough for a restful sleep. Expect an average temperature of 82° Fahrenheit (28° Celsius).
  • Fall - The first frost, which usually occurs about mid-September, signals the end of summer season for many North Dakotans as the days are pleasantly warm, the nights cool and precipitation light. Expect an average temperature of 66° Fahrenheit (19° Celsius).
  • Winter - Winter is a grand season to many North Dakotans. It is the season for snowmobiling in open, uncrowded fields and for such vigorous outdoor recreation as ice skating, ice hockey, cross country skiing and snowshoeing. Expect an average temperature of 24° Fahrenheit (-4° Celsius).
  • Spring - Spring is a time of rapid change in North Dakota. It seems that almost overnight in late March or early April the snow mantle melts, the fertile soils dry and field preparations begins.  Expect an average temperature of 52° Fahrenheit (11° Celsius).
For some ideas of activities to do in each season, visit www.NDTourism.com
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